Tufts Traveling Treasure Trunk!

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Founded in the fall of 1987, Traveling Treasure Trunk is Tufts University’s own children’s theatre troupe that uniquely blends theatre performance with the best casino https://vogueplay.com/uk/book-of-dead-slot/. TRUNK writes, directs, and costumes its own original skits, book of ra online, and plays and performs them for kids at daycares, hospitals, and preschools in the greater Boston area. As Tufts’ only children’s’ entertainment troupe, TRUNK takes tremendous pride in the f1 betting.

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 MacCameron Kaminski
Adam MacCameron Kaminski

Adam MacCameron Kaminski ’17

Hometown: Arlington, MA

Major: Cognitive + Brain Sciences

Trunker since: Freshman Spring with Ana!

As Trunk’s most random-minded member, Adam brings the funk and the funny faces every which way he turns. Adam is often hard to locate, but he can most commonly be found teaching tiny people guitar lessons or writing about the human brain while eating fruit loops. Adam also enjoys a good horse, egregious puns (the remarkably good kind), and holy patterned socks. A little known fact about Adam is that he can break into the 7thdimension with his deep singing voice!

Rachel Anne Kornetsky

Rachel Anne Kornetsky ’17

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Major: Peace and Justice and/or Child Development

Trunker since: Freshman Fall!

Rake Trunker (known by most muggles as Rachel Kornetsky) crash landed on Tufts campus after falling from Neverland in the fall of 2013. When not in class or at Trunk shows, she spends her time goofin’ with kiddos through the DREAM program and Special Friends. In the sunny days of the year, you can most likely find her on the shores of her beloved camp Minikani leading another lucky group of youngsters. Who knows where her degree in Child Study and Human Development will lead her – maybe back to Neverland or around the world to some new adventure!

Ana Thompson Baustin

Ana Thompson Baustin ’17

Hometown: Northampton, MA

Major: Child Study and Human Development (with a Communication and Media Studies minor!)

Trunker since: Freshman Spring with Adam!

As trunk’s most indifferent member to areas of high average precipitation, Ana is always saying things like, “hey, lets go on a trunk trip to the pacific northwest!” She is also Trunk’s most relentlessly positive member, often saying things like, “hey, how phenomenal is this day? It’s obviously pretty wet, but hey, that’s just how it goes in the pacific northwest!” A silly and little known fact about Ana? She is an incredible singer and briefly considered a career of being Adele, but then decided not to so that she could do Trunk. Silly Ana, Adele is really, really rich!! Another fact about Ana is that she has a beautiful smile and is a true joy to be around.

Jenna Sherman

Jenna Sherman ’17

Hometown: Tuscaloosa, AL


Trunker since: Sophomore Spring with Cameron!

As Trunk’s most green-loving member, Jenna can often be found eating a jar of pickles while admiring the great outdoors from her porch. When she’s not drinking a nice refreshing glass of pickle juice or adding hot sauce to her cake, Jenna likes to practice singing opera at dawn or be in a cuddle puddle with her closest friends. A silly + little known fact about Jenna T.? She absolutely loves banjo but doesn’t know how to play it (she’ll happily trade some pickle juice for a lesson though)!

Kathryn Ann Gibson

Kathryn Ann Gibson ’18

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Major: Undeclared

Trunker since: Freshman Fall!

As Trunk’s giggle-and-snort-iest member, Kat can be usually be found rolling hoops up and down the mountains alongside rivers. When she isn’t perfecting her bouncing skills or experimenting with new hot sauce combinations, she can be heard giving speeches in ancient languages and getting her groove on. Kat enjoys laughing till she falls out of her chair, as well as finding the coolest and most colorful clothes to wear each day. A silly + little known fact about Kat T.? Her biggest leap recorded landed her in a whole other hemisphere! Or galaxy? Or universe? Or–wait, where is she?

Cameron Eck

Cameron David Eck ’18

Hometown: Durham, NC

Major: Community Health

Trunker since: Freshman Spring with Jenna!

Since his infectious gurgling in his baby semester, Cameron has always tried to create humor from the small things, whether it be in between the sprigs of grass or the follicles of his luscious hair. When he is not practicing his numerous accents, Cameron can be found analyzing Duke’s basketball season and watching Arrested Development. To unwind, he enjoys organizing his crazy sock collection and watching the sunset. Some of his favorite things include effortlessly fabulous fashion, body isolations, and all-you-can-eat buffets.

Doo-yun Her

Doo-yun Nomiddlenamebutreallywantone Her ’18

Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK

Major: Cognitive + Brain Sciences

Trunker since: Sophomore Fall!

As Trunk’s tallest member, Doo-yun is a whopping 10 feet 11 inches head to foot. Doctors believe the growth spurt occurred following the rather fiery consumption of eighty pounds of rhubarb, which was eaten without the auxiliary spices, the secret sauce (gasp), or any premeditation whatsoever. Apparently, Popeye is to spinach and muscles as Doo-yun is to rhubarb and height. When she’s not forgoing the secret sauce (gasp), Doo-yun can be found obstructing views and fencing giraffes. A silly and little known fact about Doo-yun T? She’s a gemini!

Lucy Hannah Zwigard

Lucy Hannah Zwigard ’18

Hometown: New York, NY

Major: Biology and French

Trunker since: Sophomore Spring with Ari, Dan, Julia, and Danny!

As TRUNK’s most stylish member, Lucy Trunker reigns over a glorious kingdom of funky patterns and fuzzy socks. When she’s not designing the next top line of stuffed animal sweater vests, Lucy’s likely chopping up veggies for a yummy stew or speaking French with her Spongebob Squarepants sticker collection. A silly + little known fact about Lucy T.? She once befriended a family of turtles and rhinestoned little cowboy hats for them!

Ari Santina Panicali Gizzi

Ari Santina Panicali Gizzi ‘18

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Major: International Relations and Italian

Trunker since: Sophomore Spring with Lucy, Dan, Julia, and Danny!

As Trunk’s most lion-like member, Ari can most often be found slurping down spaghetti like a Snuffleupagus while riding on her Vespa. When she’s not inhaling Italian goodies like it’s her job, she’ll probably be practicing her troll act to herself. If you catch Ari frizzing (ha!) out on the ultimate frisbee field, you’ll probably be blinded by her bedeviling speed and dazzling touchdown dance grooves. A silly + little known fact about Ms. Ari G.? She once skedaddled up the Memorial Steps wearing overalls just to cuddle with a little kitty kat!

Julia Silva Depp

Julia Silva Depp ‘18

Hometown: Kansas City, MO

Major: Computer Science

Trunker since: Sophomore Spring with Lucy, Dan, Ari, and Danny!

As Trunk’s wackiest and wonkiest member, Julia spends much of her time cartwheeling her way up and down mountains as fast as she can. Check out that stamina, am I right?!? When not reenacting the Bee Movie, Super Sleuth Julia can be found using her super duper shrink ray to crawl into the cracks of her computer and investigate the world wide web! A silly + little known fact about Julia T? She won’t go anywhere without her invisible glasses made out of day old bagels (that she sometimes nibbles on for an afternoon snack)! Deeeeelish!

Dan Thomson

Daniel Thomson ‘18

Hometown: Wayzata, MN

Major: Cognitive + Brain Sciences and Chinese

Trunker since: Sophomore Spring with Lucy, Ari, Julia, and Danny!

As TRUNK’s smooshiest member, Dan can often be found cruising around campus on the hunt for the cutest corgi. When he’s not practicing for the National Elbow Licking Competition or setting off on a sunrise hike before his 10:30 class, you can find Dan with both of his feet behind his head at many of the campus hangout spots. A silly + little known fact about Dan T.? He has the same birthday as his brother, and no, they’re not twins!

Ballard Glenn Blair

Ballard Glenn Blair ‘18

Hometown: Fairfield, CT

Major: Computer Science

Trunker since: Junior Fall with Ava, Isabel, and Henry!

Ballard Glenn Blair Trunker hails from the warm and fuzzy cyborg planet of Steaming Coffee and Oatmeal. He can be seen zooming by on his bike sporting stylin’ socks and a colorful getup, most likely on his way to a sweet coding sesh or funky dance rehearsal! Ballard enjoys spending quality time with friends, concocting scrumptious soups and stews, and daydreaming about baby aliens doing the hokey pokey. He’s a one-of-a-kind dude always looking for a fun time!!

Daniel Harold Knight

Daniel Harold Knight ’19

Hometown: Jensen Beach, FL

Major: Psych + Film and Media Studies

Trunker since: Freshmen Spring with Dan, Julia, Ari, and Lucy!

Danny Trunker is a bright spirit who brings a warm energy to everything he does and everyone he meets. He gives the best hugs and has the best dance moves. When Danny isn’t up to TRUNK shenanigans, he can be found doing the robot in the middle of campus or boogiein on his way to class.

Daniel Harold Knight

Henry Allison ’19

Hometown: Hartland, VT

Major: Political Science

Trunker since: Sophomore Fall with Ava, Isabel, and Ballard!

As Trunk’s fuzziest member, Henry can be found cooking his own play-doh, mastering the art of hog calls, and professing his undying love to very tall trees. Henry Trunker enjoys dipping his toes in mysterious substances, collecting piano keys, and perhaps even singing to himself a lil. A silly and little known fact about Sir Henry T. IV, esquire? He knows every word in the English language! Prodigious!

Isabel Schneider

Isabel Schneider ‘20

Hometown: Lincoln, NE

Major: Spanish and Undecided

Trunker since: Freshman Fall with Ava, Ballard, and Henry!

As Trunk’s most speedy trunker, Isabel is always found zooming through competitors and scoring those sweet sweet goals! When she’s not hopping around Central America, Isabel likes making silly faces at cameras, sporting overly sized pink bowling shirts, and helping her fellow humanoids! A Silly + Little known fact about Isabel? When she gets her hairs cut it always feels WEIRD, but in a good way!

Ava Nusblatt

Ava Nusblatt ’20

Hometown: Yardley, PA

Major: Undecided

Trunker since: Sophomore Fall with Henry, Isabel, and Ballard!

As trunks spunkiest member, Ava can be seen singing and dancing her way around campus. That’s what makes her so darn good at making little kiddos so happy! When not bringing joy to people through theatre, Ava can be found with a good book in her hand, giving some love to a cat, or indulging in some online shopping. And even though she’s a vegetarian Ava loves her some meatloaf. A silly + little know fact about Ava: her left foot is 1.5 sizes bigger than her right.