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If the sportsbook gets $500 bet on the Dolphins and $500 bet on the Jaguars, it doesn’t matter to them who wins. If the Dolphins win, they’ll pay them with the Jaguar bets. If the Jaguars win, they’ll pay them with the best from the Dolphins fans.

Illinois passed sports betting legislature June 2019 and launched at physical sportsbooks March 2020, becoming the 15th state to offer wagering. Key numbers are numbers that, more often than not, end up being the score differential that a game hinges on. Given that a touchdown and an extra point is worth seven points, and a field goal is worth three points, the key numbers in football are 3 and 7.

Quarter lines differ from full lines and half lines, as they have values that end with .25 or .75 and range from +/- 0.25, 0.75, 1.25, 1.75 etc. The beauty of quarter lines is that your bet can be covered for certain outcomes but not to the extent of half lines, so the odds are usually greater. The lines above are called full lines, where the line you’re playing on is a whole number (eg. +/- 2 or 0). Yet Asian Handicap betting also offers bets on half and quarter lines. If I think the share price is going to go up, I might bet £10 a point (i.e., £10 per penny the shares moves) at 411p. Note that my total loss could be up to £4110, so this is as risky as buying 1000 of the shares normally.

Now, as it turns out, many other smart sports bettors thought the same thing and hammered that 5.5-point line. All of a sudden, DraftKings has a major imbalance on one side of the bet. If it seems like the “smart” gamblers are a bit too eager for betting at a certain spread amount, the sportsbook operators can get nervous that something is amiss. So, the sportsbook can adjust the amount of the spread itself. When this happens, you might find yourself with an opportunity to bet the middle.

Equally, if you bet on ‘Crystal Palace +2’ on the Asian Handicap market, you lose your bet if Palace lose by three or more goals. If they lose by two goals, you’ll get your money back and if they lose with a maximum of one goal, you’ll win your bet. Table1 reports the number of pickem closing lines for all four sports during the five seasons and how many of these predicted pushes were actual pushes. As can be seen, it is very rare for there to be an end-of-game pickem in any of the four sports.

They set it based on their goals, which can differ game-to-game. Because, from the sportsbooks’ perspective, too much money was coming in on one side. In the example above, the vast majority of money was coming in on the Colts at -3.5. So, in order to encourage more bets on the Saints , the oddsmakers moved the line to -4.

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